Like many of the world’s leading winemakers, Alejandro Fernández has always been inspired by the great estates of Bordeaux. In 1987, he planted 180 hectares of Tempranillo along the Duero River in the province of Burgos, a northerly and colder part of Ribera del Duero. At the heart of the vineyards, in true château style, he built Condado de Haza.

In establishing Condado de Haza, Alejandro infused into everything his commitment to excellence backed by tradition. Boring into a hillside, he built an aging room 30m below the vineyard. A 200m tunnel was excavated in order to create a chamber that would maintain the ideal natural temperature and humidity for cellaring wine. Only produced in the very best vintages, Alenza - a contraction of the names of Alejandro and wife Esperanza – is proclaimed as the most traditional of all of Alejandro’s wines, being the only wine going through traditional whole-cluster fermentation.

Condado de Haza is committed exclusively to Tempranillo made from the estate-owned vineyards that produce bold wines with amazing complexity and class. Created by winemaking pioneer, Alejandro Fernández, and now lovingly hand-crafted by his daughter, Eva, the wines of Condado de Haza are a great value from Ribera del Duero that is the culmination of the Fernández family’s commitment to producing exceptional and unique Tempranillo wines.