Our family established Folio Fine Wine Partners in 2004 with the goal of bringing exceptional and distinctive wines to American consumers. Today, we are an importer, fine wine agency and producer of quality wines. We manage a diverse portfolio that spans 6 countries, 3 continents and every premium price point. We’re fortunate to work with family wineries who share our passion for making great wine.


A steadfast belief that in every wine we represented would be the unique essence of the land each family stewards. When the family name is on the bottle, there is passion, heritage, history, provenance, integrity and longevity.


Inspired by Michael Mondavi and his family, we believe in fostering a working environment where leaders are free to express themselves, creativity is encouraged, accountability is expected, and mutual success is a goal shared among ourselves and with our partners.


At Folio Fine Wine Partners, we believe each individual desires to be successful. We feel it our responsibility to help them achieve career success.


Our success lies in having a clear picture of the People who will be happy and successful at Folio Fine Wine Partners; continually working to create a Culture where these people can thrive and achieve amazing results; knowing that we can be successful only if our Customers (internal and external) are also successful; and always supporting and respecting the Communities in which we live and work. People are at the heart of each of these values.


At Folio Fine Wine Partners, people are our most valuable asset. We recognize the direct link in the quality of the benefits we provide our people with their level of happiness and success.