Stunning Colleagues

Passionate: displays a true interest in their profession and FFWP

Driven: completes tasks, achieves goals, doesn’t give up

Leader: behaves with confidence that inspires others to be better

Curious: routinely questions process or methods to find better ways of doing things; always wants to learn

Optimistic: approaches problems or day to day work in a welcoming and positive manner

Accountable: takes ownership of their duties and responsibilities

Collaborative: enjoys and welcomes opportunities to work with others and listens to ideas from colleagues

Flexible: understands and is able to shift direction or priorities on a regular basis

Creative: thinks outside the box to find new or better ways to do things

Listens: takes time to actively listen to and understand the true needs of a customer before beginning work

Strives for Mutual Success: gives credit to others, demonstrates desire for others to succeed as much as or more than self