Enologist/Celler Worker 3

I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and raised in Madrid, Spain. After finishing college I came to the United States for graduate studies. I did my Ph.D. in the department of Viticulture and Enology at UC Davis. During this time I conducted research on grape phenolic compounds and their chemical transformations during wine aging in Dr. Waterhouse’s laboratory.

In addition to my research, I shared classes, tastings, meals, trips, and good memories with Viticulture and Enology students from all over the world. I later switched my research emphasis to Biochemistry of Cardiovascular Disease at UCLA and the Cleveland Clinic. Although I enjoyed doing research in the laboratory, I missed working in the wine industry where I could be a part of a production team delivering the most essential component for any good meal.

In 2013 I did my first harvest at Pride Mountain Vineyards, enjoying every minute of such a wonderful experience. I did my second harvest in Marlborough, New Zealand and then came back to California for a third harvest at Pahlmeyer. Just when we were wrapping up the season, I had the opportunity to join Folio where every day I enjoy the chance to learn something new about wine from the Mondavi family and the Folio team.