Associate Brand Manager and Partner

It was a warm day in June 2014 when my husband and I loaded up a moving truck, took our young daughter in our arms, and left the cozy seaside town of La Jolla, CA. As we headed North for a new life in the Napa Valley we enthusiastically named our adventure “Operation Make it Count”.  We were leaving behind a comfortable life to pursue our dream of working in the wine industry. We knew it would be challenging, but in our hearts we knew it would be well worth it in the end.

Throughout the scary, yet exhilarating ride, we couldn’t help but wonder how our eclectic backgrounds and skill sets would be received; would the wine industry embrace our passions? Help to further our educations? And would they welcome our family into their tight-knit community?  With my background in digital marketing and my husband’s in Rock & Roll, there was no telling and certainly no guarantees. The only certainty was we had to give it a try.

Shortly after arriving in Napa, I was presented with the opportunity to join Folio Fine Wine Partners. Having just arrived it felt like the opportunity of a life time!  Not only does Folio, as a company, represent and produce wines I’m enamored with, it also represents the core professional and personal values for which I hold so dear: family first, integrity, accountability and curiosity.  Joining the Folio Family was pinnacle to “Operation Make it Count”!

I’ve had some incredible professional experiences in my life, obtained some fancy job titles and have had the great fortune to work with some wonderful people. However, it wasn’t until I became a part of the Folio Family that I can proudly say the risk we took that sunny day in June was worth it.  In my role I’m learning about (and enjoying) incredible wines with team members who share my enthusiasm. I’m now part of something great, in an industry I love, with a team who knows how to make it happen.  Together we’re “making it count” every day!

“If we sip the wine, we find dreams coming upon us out of the imminent night”
― D.H. Lawrence