Vice President of Marketing and Partner

I grew  in the Napa Valley and over the years, my relationship with wine has changed from casual interest, to hobby, to passion, and finally, to my career. Every once in a while I have to stop and pinch myself, because it’s a bit surreal earning a living by doing something that I enjoy in my free time as well.

By way of background, I entered the wine industry after a three year stint at an advertising agency in Santa Barbara and a return to business school to obtain my MBA from Wake Forest University. Upon graduating, I decided I wanted to market a product that I was passionate about and with wine at the top of my list, I went to work for Paterno Wines International in Chicago. Several cold winters, but plenty of good pizza later, my wife Lisa and I decided to come back to the California sunshine in Napa Valley, where I joined Folio Fine Wine Partners.

Besides wine, I have a lot of interest in small company start-ups, and working with the talented new team at Folio has been incredibly stimulating and a natural fit. I love the challenges that a young company offers, and I’m always trying to think of exciting new ways to grow our brands.