Cellar Worker 3

On January 18th of 1986 I moved to the US–Costa Mesa California from Mexico. I worked in construction and painting. With the insistence from my brother and friends I was told about work in the wineries of Northern California and that I should head north to Napa. I arrived in Napa in 1989 and worked in various wineries in the Valley until 1991 when I became aware that Robert Mondavi was hiring for vineyard work. I immediately applied and was hired May 13th. I was able to gain so much vineyard experience and was very happy to be part of the Mondavi family. In 1995 I started working at the winery in production for 6 months and the remaining 6 months in the vineyards until 2001. Over the last 15 years I’ve worked for various big wineries in the Valley; Far Niente Vineyards, Hall Winery, & Napa Barrel Care.

In March, 2017 I was thrilled that I was able to join the family once again. I am so proud and happy to be part of the Michael Mondavi Family Estate. I enjoy my work and working with such wonderful individuals is great. Most of all it’s a pleasure to be part of such a prestigious and well known wine family in Napa Valley producing fine wines.

I live in Napa with my wife, Maria and daughters, Guadalupe and Isabel.