Area Sales Manager, New England and Partner

I was drawn to the restaurant business right out of college. I got the Hospitality Bug: I enjoyed talking to folks about food and wine and how they can be part of their life. I’ve been drawn again to speak about the Family-owned wines from Folio and I couldn’t be happier.

I have had many previous roles from wine director, distributor sales representative and most recently as a distributor sales manager. At each step I’ve been able to meet wonderful people who enjoy being around great food and wine. My friends and family, in and around Boston, have been part of that lifelong enjoyment of sharing the experiences that food and wine can bring.

The excitement that the Folio team brings to wine is intoxicating and a great reminder that fine wine has remarkable stories to share. Our notion that we can all have mutual successes in the wine world, too make sharing these stories all the more rewarding. I’m looking forward to sharing our wines with the wine-lovers of New England!