Fillaboa Selección Finca Monte Alto

DO Rías Baixas

Tasting Notes

Color: Straw yellow, clear and bright.

Aromas: Elegant and complex on the nose, with Pica lemon, pineapple candy, and pink grapefruit aromas. Fresh notes evoke the trace of the sea. Fine nuances of white flowers, reminiscent of freshly baked goods and dried fruit. After some time in the bottle, mineral notes from the soils where the grapes grow once again reappear.

Flavors: Pleasant attack, revealing volume and character in the mid-palate.This wine has an amazing depth, the citrus aromas persist up to the finish. This wine won’t leave you indifferent.

2014 was an atypical year with a very Atlantic flair: unusually cool temperatures and heavy rain kept most of the winegrowers in the Denomination of Origin on the alert throughout the season. However, these factors together with the unique microclimate, the perfect south facing orientation of the MONTE ALTO plot, the gravelly, sandy loamy soil and the slopes with over 20% incline, awarded us perfectly ripe, balanced fruit with a zingy acidity, offering this complex white wine style and longevity. The harvest took place at the end of August.

Fermentation took place at controlled temperatures in stainless steel vats. Racking was carried out after fermentation and then the wine was aged for a further 12 months in stainless steel vats, during which the fine lees were stirred regularly using the bâtonnage method. Presented in a 75 cl Signature style bottle.

100% Estate Albariño Alcohol 12.5%

Estate wine made with grapes from our Monte Alto plot. This emblematic plot is the highest and sunniest at Fillaboa and crowns the estate at a height of 150 metres. Situated in a meander of the Miño river, 50 kilometres before the river joins the Atlantic ocean, this land awards this albariño wine an exceptional character.

The Masaveu family owns Fillaboa, along with wineries in Rioja and Navarra, and has a long history in the production of cider within the Asturias region of Spain. The Masaveus purchased Bodegas Fillaboa, which means the “good daughter” in Gallego, in the mid-1990s when they sought out the best site for making a top quality Albariño. They then invested in several old-vine vineyards throughout the D.O. Rías Baixas and restored many of the old Roman ruins, the 13th century church and the art museum that lie on the Fillaboa property, resulting not only in a premier Albariño-producing winery, but also a Spanish cultural and historical destination. Winemaker Isabel Salgado has been crafting the award-winning Fillaboa wines since 1998.

Tasting Notes

Since its inception in 1988, Bodegas Fillaboa has strived to make wines of great quality and personality. One of the only wineries in the D.O. Rías Baixas that produces wines solely from estate-owned fruit, Bodegas Fillaboa also makes one of Galicia’s few single-vineyard Albariños, which hails from their high-elevation vineyard, or ‘Finca Monte Alto.’ The Albariño grape variety is thick-skinned and known for its rich variety of aromas (16 different aromas have been scientifically recognized). The aromas in the 2013 Finca Monte Alto are pleasant and alluring. Bright notes of citrus, freshly-cut apples and ripe orchard fruit are found in the nose, while on the palate the wine is incredibly unctuous, with well-balanced acidity, ample structure and a very long finish. This is a superb wine with outstanding elegance. Just over 1,000 6-packs were produced.

2013 in Galicia began with a very mild winter, followed by an exceptionally rainy spring and the combination of these two factors lead many to believe harvest would be pushed back several weeks later than usual. The rather tumultuous beginning of 2013 was thankfully followed by perfect summer conditions, which winemaker Isabel Salgado said were ‘the best conditions’ she can remember for acquiring optimal grape maturation. Harvest began on the 25th of September and in Isabel’s words, the wines produced by Bodegas Fillaboa in 2013 were of ‘an excellent quality, wide in mouth and structure, with a lengthy finish’.

All clusters were hand-picked, placed into small 20Kg bins and selected both in the field and again on a sorting table upon entering the winery. After being de-stemmed and slightly crushed, the grapes were delicately placed into micro-stainless steel tanks for a twenty-day alcoholic fermentation at 14-16ºC. After fermentation, the wine was slowly racked over ten days at 10 ºC into another tank where it was aged sur lees at a constant temperature of 15ºC for 13 months. During this time a batonage was performed every 15-30 days until bottling, when the wine was filtered, fined and cold-stabilized at -4 ºC before finally being bottled in November of 2014.

100% Albariño Acidity 6.2 g/L pH 3.40 Alcohol 12.5%

The unique ‘Finca Monte Alto’ is a single vineyard block containing 5.72 hectares of trellised vines located at a rather high elevation of 600 feet above sea level in the low-lying region of Rías Baixas. One of the only single-vineyard Albariños produced in Spain, a selection of the finest fruit from this unique site (around 1.5 hectares) is used for making the imitable Finca Monte Alto. Planted in 1989 and containing a rocky sandy-loam soil that is different to other parts of the estate, the Finca Monte Alto vineyard has excellent drainage as it is comprised of unique ancient river coddles, or round shiny stones, that actually reflect light and aid with superb grape maturation. By dropping fruit and dry farming this unique hillside vineyard, the Fillaboa vineyard management team ensures that only wine of the finest quality will be made from this location each and every year.

Tasting Notes

Fillaboa Selección Finca Monte Alto is a great wine with a surprising balance and roundness. This is an exciting wine.

The 2015 vintage was marked by low rainfall, causing irregular budding. However these weather conditions also gave way to homogeneous blooming and a very balanced grape production. The summer and harvest were very dry, awarding good balance between the alcohol and acidity levels. The Monte Alto plot is renowned for the balance of the wines it creates. The perfect south facing position, its trellis conduction system, its gravelly, sandy loamy soil and its slopes with over 20% incline make the difference and the uniqueness of the terroir is clearly reflected in its wines. 14,388 limited edition bottles.

Alcohol - 12.5% 100% Estate Albariño

Estate wine crafted with grapes from our Monte Alto plot. This emblematic plot is the highest and sunniest at Fillaboa and crowns the estate at a height of 150 meters, on a meander of the Miño River, fifty kilometers before it joins the Atlantic Ocean. This inland terroir grants the Albariño grape an exceptional character.



2014 Fillaboa Selección Finca Monte Alto
Thomas Matthews, Wine Spectator, 2016

"ibrant acidity drives savory flavors of tarragon and quinine in this lively white. Pear and apple skin flavors come along for the ride. Tart and tangy. Drink now. 62 cases imported."

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