Charles Heidsieck Vintage Brut


THE FRUITS OF AN EXCEPTIONAL VINTAGE AND GENEROUS HARVEST, 2005 indisputably revealed itself to be a “Typiquement Charles” year. The decision to make 2005 a vintage year without having released the traditional 2002 or 2004 wines from the region is the audacious decision of a free‑spirited House with a vision as far-reaching as the respect it holds for its reserve wines. The Cellar Master therefore reserved the 2002 and 2004 wines, based on their perfect qualities, to the “central bank” of Charles Heidsieck reserve wines: the House’s ultimate treasure. It is true to say that Charles is always where you least expect him!

Tasting Notes

The deep, reflective gold hue offers a delicate, lively effervescence. An initial voluptuousness with pronounced aromas of blueberry tart and cooked mirabelle plums, followed by the warm autumn notes of candied chestnuts and honey, with a surprising hint of pralines and lightly roasted hazelnuts. The meticulous selection of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay heralds the complex personality of this exceptional vintage. The incredible balance offers the firmness expected of a great champagne as well as an autumnal unctuousness which one might anticipate from the climatic condition offered by this vintage, characterized by generous flavors of roasted apricots, dates and figs which delicately cover the palate. The creamy texture is reminiscent of an almond custard, followed by delicious notes of apricot tart with almonds and whipped cream.

The 2005 vintage offered early signs of excellence. The first hand harvesting started on the 9th of September. Optimal conditions reigned over the harvest in terms of quality and quantity, with grapes showing supreme balance in terms of alcohol level and acidity, a promise of freshness. Picking took place in cool, dry and sunny weather. The cool nights also encouraged the development of sugar in the berries. Thanks to the heat and the mid-season rain, the bunches were heavier than average and very rich in sugar with a potential alcohol volume of around 10%. In addition to these good omens, the acidity levels at harvest were higher than average and, as such, ensure good balance and promised an extended aging capacity for this Vintage.

60% Pinot Noir and 40% Chardonnay

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2005 Charles Heidsieck – Vintage Brut – Bottle

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2005 Charles Heidsieck – Vintage Brut – Tasting Notes